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Powerful and fully Automated System

PRINCE FX EA is a Powerful and fully automated Forex Trading Robot, which functions with all MT4 brokerages, being well compatible with Micro, ECN, Classic, Standard, Premium, Zero Spread, Cent and Islamic Accounts. PRINCE FX EA possesses a distinctive and strict Internal Money Management system that functions on both the trading modules (Scalping & Swing) insuring the advance protection to client’s Accounts.

By always declining unnecessary risks under the Safe Trading Mode and entering the market at the right time for the right opportunity to earn a very decent and consistent profit for longer time period, PRINCE FX EA has proven its exclusivity among thousands other EAs, being the number one choice of forex traders and investors across the globe



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fully automated

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Equity Control

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CONSISTENCY IN PROFIT: We strongly believe in performance-based affairs and understand that our very success is tied to the success of our clients. Therefore, we’ve ensured to lace our unique Auto Trading System with all the advanced features that’ll help our clients gain consistent results in the form of higher profit and ROI. Our Auto trading system keeps track of all the ups and downs of the financial instruments with regard to price and market volatility, and then responds in the most efficient way possible by entering the market at the right time. The result is a consistent flow of earnings into our clients account.


internal money management system

There are several other trading programs in the global market and each one competes with the other in advertising. With PRINCE FX EA, we put our money where our mouths are and focus on ensuring success for the long-term investment relationship with our clients. We are dedicated to our clients ‘ financial goals and objectives and so we have hundreds of them over the span of only a few years. Our program is failure-free, user friendly, and easy to install and operate.

As mentioned, our prime objective is to build profitable relationships and gain the trust of our valued clients through superior performance and top-notch customer support. We’ll do all we can at our disposal to see our clients grow with us and will prove to be one step ahead of their expectations at all times.

our team members

Shehzada Behram
EA Creator, CEO - PrinceFxEa.com

Maya Ramdani
Sales and Customer Support Executive

Mhd Waqas
Administrative Executive

Amrina Yousuf
Project & Finance Manager

Shahzada Ayoub
Quality Control Manager


More than 1000

  • PrinceFXEA is a life saver thanks to the developer whoever you are sir you made all traders proud I purchased the EA about a month ago the help support I got was unreal as if I as family and I live USA the developer is in Pakistan I believe his support was like he was a cousin but despite all that as I was loading that thing on the chart by the time I got to the 3rd chart it started to make money on the first one I’m really impressed highly recommended thanks again sir and best regards.

    Gilbert Khodeir
    Gilbert Khodeir USA
  • EA's performance is very successful. I'm on a demo account. There was no proplem. It gives the same results as the tests you see on the website. Customer support is very nice. He answers every question instantly. I will process in real account without waiting too much. I believe that my plans for myself and my family will come true.

    Thank you, Shehzada Behram. 10 points

    Sinan Mutlu
    Sinan Mutlu Turkey
  • I had experimented about 30+ EA, including martingale, Arbitrage and so called other strategies claiming 500% return,  but I got lucky to come across these guys through online search, I found their EA holding top rank in various EA seller website, I started monitoring their Myfxbook portfolio on regularly, and  finally I decided to give a try to the Starter Pack couple of months ago. I got amazed to see my account approaching 50% return in a month   having 13% over all maximum DD. I appreciate the customer support team as they are very professionals and punctual helped on time whenever I need them. The guy usually monitor my account through investors password and notify me if there is something unusual with my setting and fix it. I would say that you guys are truly amazing, and I am impatiently waiting for the latest version to make my trades more safer and profitable. best wishes for your invention to lead you success.

    Olivia Canada
  • I believe prince fx robot should be he first choice for every trader who may seek consistent return on their invest in the forex market. before buying this system i was loosing hope by trading with eas as i don't remember how many eas i had paid for to just loose my funds not a single time but again and again, the same thing was in mind when i came across this website, I requested the admin to provide a demo and the answer was no, the i got the alternate option to get a one week trial and i went with that option, it was a 500$ account which reached to 543$ something after closing the position at the period of trial ended. I was quite hopeful and luckily i took advantage of the on going promotion to get the system at its half price, Today i just have few words of gratitude and respect for the owner of this wonderful EA, the system recovered the cost in 1 month 6 days what i paid for, and I am enjoying my days with the latest version of princefxea. I never seen losses more than 10% so far and no mess decent and excellent money management software probably the top class product in thousands others. Life gets colorful with right decisions on right time, if you have been loosing hope and wasting time with other cheap stuffs, give it one try, as like us you will also be one of the lucky minor class winners in forex market. recommended to everyone, my best wishes and goodluck to prince team.

    Ricardo Mexico
  • I have had experience with over 20 EAs during the past few years. I am not ashamed to say that I have paid for many EAs which did not work as promised. PrincefxEa is the most genuine and the best performing of all these services. They have excellent service and they answered all of my questions and concerns before I bought the EA and more importantly after the purchase. I would not hesitate to recommend this service to any person who want to make money from the forex market.

    Dr. Nimal Gamage
    Dr. Nimal Gamage Seri Lanka
  • Excellent support when you need it, The support team is very professional and kind, they always answer my questions and help me when i need some configuration on my expert advisor, they have helped me to monitor my accounts and operations to ensure the correct trade setup on them Furthermore the expert advisor has been very profitable, it is working on my accounts almost for the past three months and its performance has been the same what they claim on their websites,

    I am Hopeful with the latest version that it Will be more profitable and control better the risk princefxea is a very great piece of software which everyone  should  buy to trade with.Thank you prince fx trading for the great ea.

    Cesar Alberto
    Cesar Alberto Mexico
  • Very good robot, very safe and protective internal money management system, i am very glade to finally get the right stuff after alot experiments and frauds in forex systems, prince forex robot is undoubtedly the true solution of making money.

    I don't know how to express my gratitudes to its support team which is there for every moment to listen and help with no excuse. honesty and transparency is the key to be successful in business and you guys have been doing the best for the first time in my experience. Keep it up. I would recommend this system to every serious small or big investors, stop loosing money and start earning sweet profit with this genuine system, i am not their affiliate but honestly what i said here is all about the results i see in my accounts. welldone prince and team

    Henry Hong Kong
  • Greetings from Singapore!

    amazed to have such an outstanding product available to automise trading operation. I am thankful to the friend of mine first who referred me to buy this system a month ago, I believe in trading such a short time period is not enough to say anything positive or negative about any strategy but whatever so far I see it performing on my real accounts is truly exciting.  at first i was a bit curious seeing no tp/sl and multi orders in sequence but gradually I learn somehow the EA is quite unique and intelligent, usually the orders are closed in few minutes but sometime when there is a bad run it takes a day or more to get them out. I don't have an issue I am not a professional trader, for me its wonderful when after a week or twice i see the money flow in my accounts.

    Nice robot I really like it, and yes not to forget the Prince support team, alot of respect and alot of thanks for the limitless and satisfactory service. it gives me more confident when i feel that the team of princefxea is there to help me incase i need help thats the feeling of satisfaction i always wanted to have when it comes to trading. thank you princefx admin and whole team.

    wish you more to achieve ahead.

    Rebecca Singapore
  • So far happy with prince fx robot, i use the latest version, I tried it on zero spread account and cent account, unfortunately It went too slow on the zero spread account, i contacted the support they suggested me to switch the account from zero to standard or ecn, since I change it to standard I am using Tickmill broker, now everything is obviously better. 48 days on 10K account 69% return for me its very decent and huge return. the dd normal between 10-20% so far. I guess my investment to buy princefxea went multiplied, i hope it will continue this operation continuously i will write you again after a few months, thank you very much for your help and support. really appreciated

    Fumio Japan


This specific function is ideal for those clients who use FIFO Complaint Brokerages that only allow traders to keep their operation according to the First In First Out methodology. In other words, the first goods/ commodities purchased are going to be the ones that will sell out first.


Our program is fully automated with little to no human interference, thus making it one of the most reliable and dependable systems available in the market. It is reliable, faster, and more secure with user-friendly interface. A perfect system that’s going to transform your trading experience in a completely new way! Ready to go.

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